One-Stop Shop 




Many of our competitors have abandoned tool-making and turned to outsourcing. They've lost design expertise and the ability to adapt to new technology. Andea opts to keep tooling in-house. We've continued to press forward and develop a premium onestop shop, with engineering, tooling, production and inspection.

About us

20+ Years of Experience




Since opening our doors in 1997, Andea has evolved into the go-to metal stamping source for engineering-driven programs. Our second generation of Andea leadership was born and raised in manufacturing, resulting in our CEO having run every machine and worked in every department in the company. From our most veteran employee to the freshest intern on the floor, we're proud to embody the Andea culture.

Since 1997 Andea has specialized in producing components for hundreds of aerospace, automotive, electronic, military, green technologies, and industrial customers. We operate 81 punch presses, ranging in size from 45 to 300 tons, which produce simple and complex shapes from dies produced in our own tool and die department.

Always Pressing Forward




We're relentless when it comes to expanding stamping capabilities and incorporating the latest technology to improve manufacturing efficiency. For the past 2 decades, we've set the bar for custom metal stamped parts. If we do not currently have the capability to tackle your project, tell us more about it. We're always up for a good challenge.


Progressive Edge Technology



From our vision systems, automation, and sensor equipment, to our in-house built and designed progressive tooling, we're ahead of the curve. We have monitors throughout the shop floor that show the operation status of our machines in real time so Andea management can monitor production from anywhere in the world. Our smart technology ensures smooth operating, all the time.

Winning Workforce 




We consistently hire and train skilled craftsmen to produce top quality manufactured goods. Each year, we take action to close the skills gap by opening our doors for shop floor tours, funding a scholarship and internship program with Dongguan University Of Technology, and starting two new apprentices on a three-year training journey. By supporting families with careers in manufacturing, we’re strengthening both the local economy and our exceptional Andea workforce.